In addition to coordinate the Kimia Commerce expertise, our Team is able to meet its ambitious objectives by using the industry’s most comprehensive set of resources:

  • A skilled professional staff of scientists, engineers and technicians, with many years of practical experience in the chemical processing industries.
  • Fully equipped analytical and research laboratories.
  • Flexible pilot units, of which several are skid-mounted and available on lease terms to a customer for testing at his own facility.
  • Collaboration agreements with several Universities, mainly in IRAN.
R & D

Our Research & Development Team works together with clients on the basis of strict confidentiality to help them with their new ideas, from initial laboratory development through to pilot-scale tests.

We initiate our service with Secrecy agreements. After Laboratory trials and Product evaluations, we optimize Process parameters. We practice the results on Semi-industrial pilots, so we can reach to the Market references of the products and , then we can work on the Industrial production.

We have developed many close collaborations ties with many customers in the middle-east region specially in the field of product development. This concerns multinational key accounts as well as medium size local companies.

Our R&D team is considered by many of them as an extension of their own research team. For some more advanced customers, substantial training sessions take place for applications specially in the area of green-clean technologies.


We keep up with the evolving requirements of processors and governmental regulatory agencies in order to ensure that the existing process technologies respond to change in the economic, technical and environmental needs of our customers.

We improve the existing processes in order to health, environment, safety and production standards to achieve the optimum yield and the best cost strategies.

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